Showing at Imprint Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon

I will be showing pieces from the Implied Container Series at Imprint Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon during May 2019. There will be exhibit opening events there during Cannon Beach's "Spring Unveiling", May 3-5.

Work at the Rental Sales Gallery of the Portland Art Museum

I now have work available at the Rental Sales Gallery, across the street from the Portland Art Museum at 1237 SW 10th. Current work there includes landscapes from the Obscure Coast and Homeland series.

Contact at: , 503 224-0674

The Death of Troy Laundry Studios 2016

After over 35 years as a cooperatively run warren of artists' studios, we have become the new Portland cliche - redevelopement refugees. I have been a Troy Studios artist for 11 years. Although the Troy artists had all recently signed a 9 month lease with a substantial rent increase, the trustee controling the building, who had negotiated the lease, did not sign it. The building was sold and we were given 3 weeks notice to leave. Individual artists can remain if they want to pay almost triple the rent and work in their space while construction goes on around them. Artists' schedules and plans be damned - its time to move!